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On May 22, 2006 I gave my first exclusive presentation on the use of handhelds in the classroom. Prior to this experience, I had used handhelds in presentations covering specific topics like "The Presidency of Andrew Johnson." During the presentation, one of my classmates, Soni, acted as a Roving Reporter and took pictures with a Zire 72 while my other classmates experimented with the 5 handhelds I passed out. Soni's photos and summary, my PowerPoint presentation, handouts given to the other students, and pictures taken by the course instructor, Katie Weise, are posted on this page.

Due to some technical difficulties with the college's mobile projector I was unable to present the PowerPoint Presentation using PDAReach at the same time like I originally intended. However, earlier in the week in a different class I had difficulties with the projector unit and I learned valuable lessons about backup plans; I was prepared. Unfortunately, I forgot to show a couple of things I planned so I'm developing a checklist for myself to make sure that doesn't happen again. I'll give this presentation for the same instructor in few days and I hope to create an audio recording this time, which should really help self-evaluation.

Soni's Report
Today in class Dale did a presentation on Palm Pilots.
I was so amazed with all of the information he provided us.
I own a Zire 71 and I never knew that there are so many
programs available for it. I always knew about the basic
programs, but I had no idea there are so many that I could
for teaching. I will be student teaching in the fall
and I plan on using some of these programs to help teach
my daily lessons. Thank you for all of the great information Dale.

Other Pictures
Roving Reporter

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